Product Care

All ZAGH jewellery is 100% nickel free. ZAGH uses only precious metals and natural material in its jewellery. With proper care, your ZAGH piece will live for generations.

Storing and wearing your ZAGH jewellery:
  • Store your jewellery in a dry box or a cotton bag to avoid the need for frequent polishing, and to protect delicate details from wear
  • Avoid sleeping with your jewellery on
  • Remove your jewellery before taking a shower or getting in the pool. Residue from soaps, detergents and chlorine can affect the look and luster of precious metals and stones
  • Spray perfume on before you put on your jewellery, not after
  • The color of some precious metals may change depending on how much you sweat. Avoid working out with your jewellery on
Cleaning your ZAGH jewellery:
  • For a quick polish, use a dry jeweller's cloth
  • Ask our staff for recommended polishing solutions for silver and gold pieces
  • We encourage you to bring your ZAGH jewellery to one of our locations for professional servicing